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Periodic Maintenance

        Water Softeners in Utah should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a year or sooner if necessaryAll water softening, conditioning and filtration systems will degrade at a minimum rate of 1% – 3% per year, even  when protected with performance enhancing additives such as Pur-Gard. Without specialty additives, this attrition could possibly be as high as 15% per year.   This natural, universal attrition is made even worse by chlorine, iron, heavy metals, high water pressure, and high water usage. Benign bacteria like HPC’s can lurk in safe city water supplies and slowly colonize traditional water treatment  equipment. Heterotrophic  plate  count  (HPC)  bacteria  are  chlorine-resistant  bacteria  that  inhabit most  plumbing  systems throughout Utah and the rest of the United States. HPCs  are  evident  as  part  of  the slimy coating that can be found on drinking filters and inside water softeners known as a ‘biofilm’.     A biofilm  is a  collection or organic  and  inorganic material, as well  as  living  and dead organisms, responsible  for  numerous  water  quality  and  distribution  problems  such  as  loss  of  disinfection residual  levels, odors, color, microbial-induced corrosion, reduced material  life and a reduction  in dissolved oxygen content. While HPCs themselves are usually not harmful to human health, they provide  nutrition  and  protection  for  pathogenic  bacteria. A protocol has been developed to help address this dangerous threat to your comfort, health and safety.  Through precision injection of Pur-gard  on a carefully controlled cleaning schedule, your system is able keep itself as clean as possible between scheduled maintenance visits while working hard for you every day.    In addition to being a safe and effective anti-bacterial, Pur-Gard will also clean, lubricate and protect the  metal  moving  parts  in  your  system,  while  minimizing  scale  formation  and  enhancing  the cleaning  capacity  of  your  water  system.    A specialized disinfectant will be  applied  during  periodic  service  and maintenance visits by your authorized technician as needed, based on your water usage habits.  Periodic Maintenance is truly the most effective way to ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency and that you proactively protect it from attrition and potentially major repair problems.     The Periodic Maintenance Service usually  includes the following tasks:  
  • System Disinfectant
  • Comprehensive Water Testing
  • Control & Timer Calibration
  • Software Update
  • Pur-Gard System Cleaner
  We perform periodic maintenance on all brands to potentially lengthen the lifespan of your system, enhance salt efficiency and provide you with the water quality that you deserve at an affordable price.